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After being assigned with the PME Líder status in 2008 and 2009, Ferraz & Ferreira, Lda. was a distinguished with the PME Excelência 2010 status. This status is designated for Portuguese companies whose performance, management and financial and economical indicators outstand from other companies.

This status is an initiative from IAPMEI in partnership with the participation of several Portuguese Banks. The assignment is to distinguish small and medium companies by their quality, competitiveness with financial consistency and above average profitability, which contributed for the development and the creation of new jobs, in several regions and the country.

It is with much pride and much honor that Ferraz & Ferreira, Lda. is part of the restrict group of 1.100 best Portuguese Companies, awarded with excellence, notoriety and success. This way we contribute to the development of the local and national economy, allowing Portugal to grow even further.

Obviously, this status would not be possible without the collaboration of our clients, workers, suppliers and business partners, to whom we are thankful and give our sincere homage. This would also not be possible without a strict and vigorous administration of our management and the maximization of resources.