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Ferraz & Ferreira, Lda pioneered the production of frozen food in Portugal. We produce quality food since 1979 with a large range of products that are easy to prepare. This contributes that every day meals or snacks are less time consuming, leaving more time for the enjoyable side of life.

Ferraz & Ferreira, Lda is proud to be a family owned company, always aware of the needs and demands of modern society. It has grown extensively over the years, from a small structure to a modern facility, combining tradition with modern technology.

We have been growing exponentially in physical, technological and human terms, passing from a small structure with few employees to a wide and modern structure. Combining the necessary hygiene and salubrity conditions for the conception, development and production. We are prepared to commercialize our precooked deep frozen products such as Rissoles, Cod Fritters, Puff Pastry, Croquettes, Croissants, Pizzas and many more. Safety standards are a must, so every employee in our company is subject to constant retraining. In other words, we are ready to face the challenges of a competitive open market.