Buying Advices
All frozen products should be handled with the utmost care to avoid a breach in the cold chain which may put in danger its Quality and Safety.

Therefore, it is our intention to provide consumers with some useful tips when buying frozen food:

01 - Always buy frozen food at the end of your purchases.

02 - Never buy products past their validity date.

03 - Do not buy products that present ice crystals. It is a sign that the product suffered temperature oscillations. You should inform a store clerk about the situation, in order for the product to be withdrawl from the frozen aisle.

04 - Never buy products in an open and/or damaged package.

05 - Always carry frozen products in cooler bags.

06 - Head to the register as quick as possible.

07 - Avoid unnecessary stops after shopping. Place your frozen products as quick as possible in the freezer.

08 - Conserve according to instructions.

09 - In case of complaint please keep the package for traceability.

10 - When cooking the products please refer to the instructions on the package.