Sustainability is a growing concern of Ferraz & Ferreira, Lda., since natural resources are increasingly threatened as a result of human action.
Ferraz Ferreira Lda. uses natural resources in a sustainable way, allowing a sustainable development, not causing the scarcity or depletion of resources in order to meet the needs of future generations and also ours.
The sustainable development in Ferraz & Ferreira, Lda. contemplates the participation of all the employees of the organization and aims to maintain the preservation of the economy of the organization without affecting natural resources.


With the advent of globalization and the advances of new technologies, for Ferraz & Ferreira, Lda. business ethics is a primary factor and is now seen as an essential goal to be achieved. The cultivation of it within the organization began to be treated with as much importance as results, financial success, innovation and excellence.
The organization adopts and applies ethics in all its basic principles, thus developing a potential to grow in a sustainable way, aiming to transmit an image of a serious and responsible organization.
The code of ethics is respected and applied daily as a philosophy of our work, fostering good relations among our employees and is related to the moral and ethical values within our field of action, as well as to our clients and competitors. The relationship between everyone becomes clearer, becoming pleasant at all levels.
The ethical posture adopted by Ferraz & Ferreira, Lda, is something implicit and is linked to the training of all employees.


Social Responsibility is increasingly one of Ferraz & Ferreira, Lda.'s major concerns.
Ferraz & Ferreira, Lda. has as an essential part of its strategy, good environmental, social and economic practices. These practices involve all segments of the organization, from employees, to management, customers and suppliers, and result in a variety of actions developed throughout the year, and which are directed to the most diverse causes, such as food banks, firefighters, among others.
The business practice of the organization which, on a voluntary basis, develops processes with the purpose of including social and environmental concerns in its activities and strategies, in order to create a set of values that involve all the parties involved.
Social Responsibility at Ferraz & Ferreira, Lda. aims to increase employee satisfaction and customer loyalty, thus allowing greater capacity for competitiveness and innovation.
The concern with social welfare is one of the main focuses of the organization.

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