Food security is one of the most important public health concerns in the world. In modern times, food distribution is global, so if a food becomes hazardous to health, the risk of widespread disease is high.
The culture of food safety at Ferraz & Ferreira, Lda. is defined as the set of dominant and relatively constant beliefs, values and attitudes that are learned and shared and that contribute to the behaviors of all employees regarding hygiene and food safety practiced throughout the organization.
It is through the sharing of knowledge and experiences, through continued exposure to organizational attitudes and practices, that Ferraz & Ferreira, Lda. employees integrate the beliefs and values of the organization and reformulate and/or reinforce their ideas and practices related to food safety, lasting in time, in a stable but dynamic way, and is extended to each new employee of the organization.
In simple terms, the culture of food safety at Ferraz & Ferreira, Lda. corresponds to all the convictions that the organization's employees have about food safety, what they think is correct and incorrect, important or irrelevant to do to protect food against possible dangers and, consequently, to defend the consumer. This culture is evidenced by the implementation and certification of the Food Safety Management System).
"The mission of Ferraz & Ferreira, Lda. is to manufacture products that our customers and consumers prefer to buy, always guaranteeing quality, food safety and an excellent service".
 The Management and Food Safety Director
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